Hi there,

Welcome to “AlmostEnough.” I was inspired by the idea of molding myself into a modern-day renaissance woman a few years ago. As a student, a daughter, an older sister, a friend, a dogmom and a girlfriend, I am faced with being many things to many different people (and pups!) every single day. My guess is, you are too. This page is meant to be a site where you can come in any type of situation to learn how to do just about anything with almost enough talent to convince yourself and those around you that you that you are “on top of it” all the time. I hope that “AlmostEnough” inspires women and men of all ages to believe in themselves and each other- we are capable of anything as long as we have just enough positivity and gumption. No more inherently bad-cooks, bad-listeners, bad-writers or folks who are bad with their hands. Join me as I become “AlmostEnough” of an expert on almost anything.

See y’all soon,

Mary Kate