Starbucks can be spooky, but I am here to tell you wandering into this mecca of coffee is worth it. I have been a dedicated Starbucks patron since I got my first taste of disposable income in the form of allowance at age 12. Over a decade later, I genuinely believe that if I had every dollar I’ve spent at this addictive coffee chain back, I could afford that Celine Luggage Tote I’ve been lusting over (and the matching wallet).

I digress.

2014 Christmas Cup Green and Gold
2014 Christmas Cup
Green and Gold

The point of this post is to help you walk into Starbucks with almostenough confidence to seem like an old pro.

Basics: Sizes are tall, grande and venti (venti is 20 ounces if you order a hot drink and 24 ounces if you get a cold one)

Ordering: I know that some folks’ worst fear is ordering “wrong.” Starbucks seems to have its own secret language. Let me break it down for you…

Start out by letting the barista know if you would like your drink “hot” or “iced”

Next, add in your caffeine preference ( I made this term up) i.e. “triple” for three shots of espresso or “decaf” if you’re not a Gilmore

 Then add in your size just like we discussed above

Here you’ll add in the type of drink you want: vanilla, pumpkin spice, white peppermint mocha, or nothing at all (some syrups are even sugar free)

Add your milk preference: whole, nonfat, soy, coconut

Finally, specify that you are ordering a latte

Starbucks also has tea, frappuccinos, sodas, pastries, bistro boxes, bagels, smoothies and refreshers!

Notes: If you want a lower calorie frappuccino ( a blended ice drink) specify you want it lite. If you want a lower calorie latte, order it “skinny.” Feel free to order your drink with less ice or an extra shot- they will make that happen. If you’re ordering a tea or chai tea latte and you like a stronger flavor, ask for no water.

My favorite coffee beans
My favorite coffee beans

Bonus Points: You can buy Starbucks coffee beans AND they will grind them for you in-house!! There is free wifi inside every Starbucks! If you download the My Starbucks Rewards app, you can get a free coffee for every twelve stars you earn, you get a free drink or food item on your birthday too! I am a gold member, obviously.

What is your favorite drink to order at Starbucks? Leave your oder in the comments!

Mine change with the season. I usually fall back on an iced quad venti skinny cinnamon dulce latte with light ice!