This time of year can be overwhelming, not only is it the height of football season and the start of the Holidays, but some of us are making big changes in our lives. Seniors in high school are wrapping up applications for college, college students are beginning applications for graduate schools and recent grads are applying for their first job!

This post is to provide y’all with almostenough info to create a great resume and bag your dream job/school! It may be tempting to hand in a scented pink showstopper like Elle Woods, but my tips may help those of us without her charm be just as successful. I plan to use my experience applying for a ton of internships, graduate schools and scholarships along with what I’ve absorbed working in admissions and through a few resume classes to make a master list of resume hacks!

  1. One page only. I’m serious… Unless you’re a rockstar CEO with 20 years of experience to share.
  2. Black ink and no crazy fonts. The exception to this is if you are a graphic designer or in another field where you need to express your creative skills.
  3. Use some punch words throughout your resume. You can find these in your desired institution’s strategic plan or mission statement.
  4. Use action words to discribe the awesome things you’ve done in previous positions! By the way, internships and extensive volunteer work count.
  5. Always include your full name, email address and contact number in the header.
  6. Don’t apply for anything with your goofy email address from middle school. probably isn’t going to get an interview.
  7. No strange info folks. As an admissions assistant, I’ve come across bank statements, juggling listed as an extra talent and creepy head shots. Nobody wants any of this. Nobody.
  8. If you’re asked for a resume, don’t send a CV. They’re different. Not following directions is a great way to get in the no-way stack.
  9. If it isn’t relevant, leave it out. Maybe walking Mr. Grey’s dog was monumental to you, but I don’t think Bloomingdales is going to care…

I hope these hacks have helped you get on the right track for the next step in your educational or professional career! No bad resume writers on this blog.

Leave any tips you have discovered about resume writing in the comments below!

Black and White Only!