I have fine hairs and lots of them. I have always had a ton of hair, and learning to manage it has been a challenge. There is always the option of wearing it pin straight, but I really hate the idea of flat ironing all of it more than a few times a month. This is what my hair looks like out of the shower. Note: this is before I stepped out my front door into the humid swamp. IMG_0234

Thanks to grunge making a comeback, the days of thin eyebrows, flat hair and hip-huggers have fallen to the wayside. Today, I can create a few beachy curls with my straightener and get on the road. Easy and stylish- that’s my kind of trend.

Using a flat iron to make curls came pretty easy to me (unlike liquid eyeliner), but I know for some ladies out there it is a challenge.

This post is designed to give you almostenough information so you can have easy breezy hair for the holidays. IMG_0237

Start out by getting any moisture out of your hair. I’m not sure about the science of it, but sizzling hair clasped between hot irons doesn’t seem right to me.


Next, give that baby some volume. Use downward strokes with a comb to create a knot. If your hair is clean and fine, you may want to add some dry shampoo first. Once you’ve got a good rat’s nest, spray it with some hairspray and brush the top part (what people can see) gently so it looks smooth. Remember ladies, the higher the hair, the closer to God (or your deity of choice).

Heres the tough part. Grab a chunk (about 2 or 3 inches, we’re not trying to look like Shirley Temple here) and clasp your straightener about two inches from the scalp. On each piece you will switch off between rolling your iron forward or back, in the photos below, I am rolling it back. Either way, you will simultaniously move the straightener down the lock of hair and twist it- don’t un-clasp until the end. Spray each piece with hairspray after you release it. If you’re still confused, glance over the images below. If you’re stillllll confused, bless your heart.


Next, after you’re curled and sprayed, mess up all of your hard work with your fingers. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard. If you’re like me, you can just not try at all five days a week to really drive the point home.

Hair for the Holidays (flat iron curls)
All the way to the end

Tada! Easy peasy, now you’re ready to drink egg nog and open your gifts in style!

Great luck- if you have any more tips, leave them in the comments!