In an earlier post, I alluded to my personal weight loss mission. I am so proud that I have lost thirty pounds in 2015, but I plan to finish up my this long, sometimes obnoxious, commitment in 2016. I only have twenty more pounds to go. I am a big supporter of simple weight loss, Less In, More Out- LIMO.

My LIMO method can be challenging especially with a bread basket of garlic knots in front of you. The easiest thing to do is to enjoy as much as you want of healthy, low ingredient foods. Personally, I have found that using the Paleo Diet as a guide helps me choose these healthy, low calorie foods.

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My body gets hungry when I need something (protein, healthy sugars, water, etc…). I may want queso, but I probably do not need it- unless I had a bad day, then I need it. And a grande margarita. The truth is, I feel much more satisfied when I am supplying myself with pure, natural foods. We are not designed to consume all of the processed foods we do. I don’t need to be a doctor or dietician to tell you that with confidence.

After a year of dieting, I feel confident in my ability to write almostenough about what works for me. As I’ve said before, I am not a doctor, I am not encouraging anyone to dislike their body, nor am I advising anyone to make significant changes to their lifestyle that could be potentially damaging.

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The first thing I learned when I began to diet is that the best thing you can do for yourself is to eliminate temptation. Sure, I have a small candy stash, but when I am focusing on losing weight, I do not by ice cream, mozzarella or any other potential Achilles heel. The next simple rule for my LIMO diet is to be prepared. Does anyone else sing the song from Lion King whenever they hear that? If I am hungry and open my fridge to see nothing, I am likely to run out for a quick snack that is probably not healthy for me. If I open my fridge to a beautiful fruit salad of pineapple and papaya, I am going to enjoy that and move on with my day.

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Some people are afraid that Paleo will be too expensive. Unfortunately, it’s true that organic is not always cheap. I went to Whole Foods with a $50 bill and came back with the foods featured in this post. Each grocery was selected for a number of reasons:

  1. I could pronounce the ingredients
  2. The ingredients came from plants
  3. The item addresses a craving I know I have while on Paleo
  4. I feel great about putting this food into my body
  5. I am actually going to consume it

This grocery trip gave me the basics to execute healthy eating habits for a while.

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The most important thing to remember when trying to do Paleo on a budget is that your purchases should be able to be used multiple ways. For example, the pumpkin puree can be mixed with coconut flour and warmed to form a porridge or mixed with a little cinnamon and honey and chilled to serve as a yogurt-like treat. It is also of paramount importance to read the labels. Finally, do the best you can. The cashew butter I bought has “safflower oil” listed as the last ingredient. This particular flower oil is not considered Paleo, but it is better than peanut butter so that is alright with me.

Give yourself a little leeway, as my friend Kathryn wrote in “Seasons Eatings” this is not all or nothing. Do the very best you can and, by golly, that is a lot better than most folks are doing.

After my trip to Whole Foods, I have some basics and some snacks. I can fill in my needs with easy trips to the grocery. Some of my favorite Paleo and LIMO approved grocery foods are grapefruit, eggs, almond milk, avocados and halo oranges.

If you want a comprehensive list of Paleo food choices, visit this website. It is pretty darn awesome.

Google is your friend as you face cravings and boredom. I love a puzzle- a craving for spaghetti will lead me to some research and the challenge to make a Paleo version. I have to admit, it is a little addicting.

If you have any tips to help Less In More Out hopefuls, leave them in the comments below.