Hi long lost friends,


It sure has been a while… I have my reasons. I caught the flu (102 fever on New Years Eve. Bummer.) and that turned into pneumonia. I had to miss the first week of classes and, two weeks later, I am finally caught up. I’ve spent the last few days getting my life back in order; scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning out my closet and getting some groceries.

Somehow, I have managed to stick to my paleo plan. We have had a few minor slip ups….. a bag of dark chocolate raisinettes (the big ass “family” kind with the zipper… I think by “family” they meant Graduate Student) at the movies and some queso on a cold night to be exact. Despite my lack of self control around candy and cheese, I have still managed to lost 3.5 pounds. Yay!

Sidebar: The candy incident (#raisinpocalypse2016) happened I went to see Good Dinosaur with some girlfriends. Its really great. Go see it.


Like I’ve mentioned before, the hardest part of dieting, in my opinion, is temptation. I have found if you have healthy treats like fruit around, it is not that hard to make a good choice. The truth remains that sometimes a girl just needs some dang dessert.


Enter paleo brownies.

Close Up Brownies


This all started with the horrible mistake of buying 100% cacao chocolate. PSA: that stuff does NOT taste like the dark chocolate that coated the raisins of doom. What to do with it…. Throwing it away wasn’t an option because 1. I paid for it and 2. I have become really strange about wasting… like, I re-use my ziplock bags. Maybe it is all the homeless people roaming around downtown Gainesville. I digress. The brick, I mean chocolate, had to be used.

In class I was studiously pinning while listening to lecture and I stumbled across a little recipe on a super great blog: http://cookeatpaleo.com/one-bowl-coconut-flour-brownies/

I was hesitant. Coconut flour and I don’t get along. It can get a little ugly. Once I tried to make an oatmeal-like dish with it and the only good thing that happened was it ruined my appetite.

So I gave it a go, mostly because I was procrastinating on some thesis work, and let me tell you…. It was the best decision I’ve made since deciding to finish the grad student sized bag of raisinettes so they weren’t tempting me any more.

Brownie Parts

I made a few changes. Here is how I made these little squares of goodness happen.


Oven at 350

8×8 pan greased

¾ cup of organic coconut oil

The remainder of the large 100% cacao bar that I did not consume after I spit that one bite out

¾ cup of organic agave syrup

A splash of vanilla extract

3 organic, free range, eggs

A dash of sea salt

3 TBS of organic coconut flour


Throw the remainder of that nasty chocolate bar in a glass bowl with your coconut oil and put it in the microwave in 20 second increments-stir in between each.

Don’t burn it… that would be gross.

When your concoction gets smooth and chocolatey let it cool a little

Now add your splash of vanilla extract, agave and dash of salt

Stir that baby again

Now, put in your three eggs and whisk, whisk, whisk

Finally, sift the coconut flour in SLOWLEY

Don’t be cute and try to add more. Don’t. That stuff will dry your batter out like night of drinking cheap tequila. It would probably work to make industrial strength paste or to block holes in a sinking ship.

Whisk, whisk, whisk then pour it into your pan

Cook that pan of fudgy gold until a toothpick poked in the middle comes out clean. I don’t have tooth picks so I used a steak knife. It’s called ingenuity, folks. My brownies took exactly 22 minutes.

Let them cool and store in the fridge! Or on your counter. It’s really up to you. Sorry for being bossy.

Chicken or the Egg


I don’t know how many calories are in there. You can add it up if you’re that concerned. Let’s focus on what’s really important here: I ACTUALLY MADE SOMETHING EDIBLE with coconut sand. Did I say sand? I meant flour.



You’re welcome.